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RV Pre-Delivery Inspection

Our RV Delivery Process at Evans & Son RV Sales

At Evans and Son RV Sales, every new RV or certified used RV goes through a vigorous inspection and testing process called P.D.I. or Pre-Delivery Inspection. Performed by our technicians, this process consists of function testing, safety checks, and an over-200 point detailed inspection. We fill the LP tanks and in new campers we install an Interstate deep-cycle RV battery. After the inspection, the RV is cleaned, washed and readied for you. Our technicians will then take you through a full orientation of your new RV, explaining how to use all the features safely. For those purchasing their very first camper a starter kit is included (when available) with your purchase, supplying you with essential items like hoses, toilet chemical, and toilet paper. We go the extra mile to make sure our customers have the best RV experience possible.

PDI Walk-Through