2 Gallon Feeds 10 People

$59.99 with additional 10% Off

Accessory Rack Fits either 2 gal. or 4 gal. CanCookers


Financing as low as

4.75% APR W.A.C.

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Seth McGinn’s CanCooker is the simplest, healthiest, and most convenient cooking system available. The CanCooker takes the cattle drive tradition of cooking in a cream can and updates it for today's busy lifestyle.

Pack the CanCooker with ingredients and enjoy a mouthwatering, slow-cooked meal in a fraction of the time. Use it indoors and outdoors to cook a healthy meal on any stovetop, campfire, burner, grill or the new Mult-Fuel Portable Cooktop. The revolutionary CanCooker locks in heat and steam, cooking tender, flavorful meals that don't have to simmer all day in a crock pot. The lightweight, high-strength aluminum construction and latch-closed, silicon-sealed lid ensure years of hassle-free enjoyment.

The CanCooker is perfect for everyday life, weekend life, and adventure life.

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4 Gallon Feeds 20 People

$89.99 with additional 10% Off